Absolute quality, state-of-the-art technological level and fullness of supply allow Cymaq to respond to the diverse demands of the industry and the market, favoring the increase of productivity and the fulfillment of the highest needs of modern production.

Cymaq is a product belonging to the group PYFE SA., company with more than 30 years of experience, specialized in industrial marking and Electronic development projects,

Mecatronic and programming, which gives us a plus compared to other manufacturers as we are able to give personal support to our customers and help them to integrate our marking machines in their production lines.

Cymaq enterprise

As a result Cymaq offers custom marking solutions and  we’ll help you find the solution that best fits your needs: successful implementation of projects on a turnkey basis;

excellent tool to the industrial requirements on traceabilityfulfilling the Datamatrix ECC-200 rules as well as with the UID traceability protocols; software to control marking proceses, historical reports,etc.

We have several international patents, which brings to our products higher performance and competitiveness.